Visit the Route of the Parks in its section of the Aysen region, one of the least known places in our country and which concentrates a good number of National Parks along the Carretera Austral. From the Balmaceda airport, get to know the Cerro Castillo National Park, the General Carrera Lake and its attractions, the Patagonia National Park and to the north, the Queulat National Park. We have included the San Rafael lagoon and an exotic visit to experience the sunrise with condors in a ranch in Coyhaique Alto.

The variety of landscapes you can find driving southern of Balmaceda airport, along Carretera Austral, in Chilean Patagonia, is one of the most interesting surprises that await for you during your stay in Aysen. Visiting the marble caves, getting close to the ice walls of a glacier, crossing in a ferry boat the most blue and endless lake in Patagonia will completely disconnect you from your city life and bring you to a remote place. During this Circuit around the lake General Carrera, surrounded by the huge Northern Ice Fields you will be part of the most beautiful landscapes in Patagonia. A short and intense trip to Aysen´s most beautiful corner driving around lake General Carrera.

Place: Carretera Austral Sur - Chile    Duration: 6 days

River Baker kayaking is a real remote adventure in the most powerful and jade colored river in Chile. You will be kayaking for 4 days from Cochrane city to the mithycal Caleta Tortel village, visiting local habitants in their homes and lands. It is a deep inmersion in the local culture along the most beautiful landscapes in Aysen. Before leaving the region, you will have a full day to rest and recover in a comfortable lodge.

Place: Carretera Austral Sur - Chile    Duration: 10 days

Visit the main attractions of Aysen region and Carretera Austral in its north and south part. Don´t miss the marble caves in the south and hanging glacier in the north. Enjoy most of its attractions visiting river Baker, sighting condors in its habitat and enjoying a horseback riding in Mallin Colorado Ecolodge. With transfers, lodging and full board, this is an exceptional way to know the whole Aysen region. There are a lot of adventure activities included along the road. You will be accompanied by your private bilingual guide.

Place: Carretera Austral Norte Carretera Austral Sur - Chile    Duration: 16 days

The variety of landscapes that you can find traveling along the Carretera Austral, in Chilean Patagonia, is one of the surprises that you will find during your stay in Aysén. Kayaking inside the Marble Caverns, ice trekking and rafting on the Baker River, as well as visiting the San Rafael Glacier will be fascinating adventures. Throughout the trip, with the giant Northern Ice Fields in the background, the white color be present throughout this trip to Patagonia.

Place: Carretera Austral Sur - Chile    Duration: 5 days

Come to know the deep Patagonian culture in the Aysen region, visiting the locals and their lifestyle in the area around General Carrera lake (Chelenko). This program brings you to the Marble Caves in kayak, to Patagonia National Park and to San Rafael glacier, but in a local way, in connection with the community. It includes also visits to the forest with magnigying glasses, to several greenhouses and a nice vsisit to fossils private land.

Place: Carretera Austral Sur - Chile    Duration: 8 days